The Circuit

The Curves 30-minute workout combines strength training and bodyweight-based exercises to help you tone your muscle and burn up to 500 calories per workout. The Curves circuit is full of specially-designed strength machines designed to give you a total body workout. All it takes is 30 minutes, 3-4 times per a week, to help you reach your strength potential.

The Coaches

At Curves, you're never alone. Our supportive coaches are always there to help you get a safe, effective workout. She'll help you with your form and push you to your personal best. When you have a workout coach, they become deeply vested in your success as well. You're in this together--it's a partnership.

The Classes

Curves has classes unlike any other gym or workout facility. Our specialty fitness classes† can help you:

  • Improve balance, stability and core strength
  • Get stronger arms, core and legs
  • Stretch and strengthen you muscles
  • Get a total body workout

Curves Class Descriptions


Target your whole body and increase your cardiovascular endurance both on the Curves Circuit and in-between each machine.


Boxing is a higher-intensity class that combines cardio, strength, coordination and balance.


Target your arms, core and legs through moves performed both on the Curves Circuit and in-between each machine.


Improve your balance, stability and core strength.